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We have literally dedicated our time to collecting all of the most up to date information about popular gamers, streamers and competitive players in the world and then created a easy to understand page bringing all of the information you could ever want to know about a player into one single place.

With the information that we have collected, we can help you not only find the perfect gaming mouse for playing Fortnite, Overwatch or other gaming titles but we can even tell you want your favourite streamers are using for their secondary streaming PC!

pros change their settings and equipment all the time

Things Move fast!

While we are pushing to make sure that we are on the ball with every single change that happens, we are only human and that means that sometimes we may miss the odd change here and there, but that is where you can help.

If you see something that we might not have changed just yet, drop us a comment or a tweet and we will jump straight into action and get that sorted.

Pro and Streamer new mouse keyboard monitor
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