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Controller Aim Assist Buffed Quietly with Less Bloom?

October 4, 2019
Aim assist boost of bloom?

With the Fortnite community seeing the game flipped for a few days thanks to a glitch with the newly implemented aim assist mechanic within the game that allowed players on mouse and keyboard to trick the game into giving them aim assist, it seems that there is more to the chapter to come to light.

With videos and reddit forum posts explaining that the release of the new mechanics added into the game, there were settings that would allow KBM players to make the game believe they were playing on controller to get aim assist similar to controller-based aim assist, the community erupted.

Fortnite developers Epic Games took to reddit to announce that they were aware of the issue and were rolling out a ‘hot fix’ to stop the additional aim help that gave KBM players the upper hand, pushing the update the following morning and doing exactly what they claimed they would.

The ‘stick drift’ method no longer worked.

While the conversation began to drop, smaller rumblings were heard about a possible buff to the aim assist for controller players being made, with some big controller players like NickMercs revealing that he believes something has been improved for them too.

This is what he had to say about it in his stream today:

Do you play controller?

Do you feel that bloom has been reduced recently too?

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