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Fortnite community experience mech glitch that could result in their short term disabling

August 30, 2019
Fortnite Season X Brute Mech Glitch

Since mechs were introduced into Fortnite at the start of season X, the Fortnite community have continuously called for their removal from the game due to an inability to defend yourself from them, however lately mechs have been given even more killing power thanks to this glitch.

Luminosity Gaming content creator SypherPK took to social networking site Twitter today to highlight a fault within the way that mechs are operating within Fortnite this afternoon, showing a reply clip of a game he was playing in which he died to a mech that successfully damaged him for 140 health, despite not being even close to him.

While many may think that the issue revolves around the rockets that the mechs can fire across the map, in fact the issue arises when the operator of the mech attempts to stomp on their opponent, hitting SypherPK for over 140 health without even being close to him.

Epic Games have already tried to balance the power of the mechs with a nerf to their shooting ability, widening the rockets landing range and killing their boosting ability to move around the map, however that change seems to have brought a whole new world of pain for players looking to coup their next victory royale.

Although SypherPK’s tweet seems to be somewhat light-hearted about their removal, the Fortnite community continue to try to drive traction to the request to remove the mechs but with dataminers already sharing leaks that mechs are related to challenges that are still to feature within the season, it seems that Epic Games have no plans to completely take them out of their game.  

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