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Fortnite Controller Aim Assist Changes Hands Mouse Players Aim Assist With This Settings Change

October 2, 2019
pc aim assist settings and how to get it

With a revamp on the way that the system assigned aim assist to controller players, initial thoughts were that it would see another nerf which has already happened once within the game before being reversed, however the reality was that aim assist was still a predominant feature for controller players.

When Fortnite announced that they were changing the way that aim assist for controller players worked, keyboard and mouse players rejoiced, claiming that ‘L2 Spam’ was too overpowered as controller players took advantage of first shot accuracy faster than intended.

While the heat of the topic seemed to die down, PC gamers have been scrambling to find their old controllers after it emerged that there is a way to be able to change the controller settings to allow aim assist to be tricked into thinking players are using a controller rather than a mouse and keyboard.

Big named streamers have already been seen trying out the assist, including Tfue but naturally thousands of less known Fortnite gamers have already taken advantage of the addition of aim assist.

Aim assist has been at the forefront of discussion between controller and KBM players since the beginning of Fortnite, with non-controller players claiming that the aim assist mechanic was too strong while controller players used big named professional such as Mongraal and Bugha to point out that KMB players are still able to showcase the same effect even without the assist in place.

How Do You Get Aim Assist on Fortnite PC with Keyboard and Mouse?

Taking advantage of the aim assist settings to be able to enable it on KBM is simple, all you need is a controller and to change a couple of settings that are part of the new aim assist settings released by Epic Games for controller players.

Activating the aim assist is as simple as:

  • Connect your controller to your PC
  • Go to settings and navigate to the new sensitivity settings tab created for controller players as part of the new aim assist mechanics the game released
  • Enable the advanced settings to show more options, there is no need to change anyting else here
  • Go to the controller binds settings and click to the ‘Dead Zone’ customisation settings
  • Replace their value to 0.05 (lowest possible value)
  • Save changes and exit settings
  • In order to activate aim assist you will need to create an instance of ‘stick drift’ meaning that it will be always attempting to move, even when using mouse and keyboard.
  • Using the right stick (look) lightly press the stick to a side to create a slow, but constant movement, even when not touching the stick.
  • Once that is happening (you can see the screen looking to move slightly in the direction you pressed, game as usual with your KBM, you will see that aim assist is active.
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