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Fortnite Controller Players Claim Aim Assist “Heavily Nerfed” in v10.31 Update

September 18, 2019
fornite aim assist nerfed in v10.31

Controller players have taken to Fortnite Competitive Reddit to share their belief that aim assist has been negatively impacted with the latest v10.31 update that has rolled out earlier today, with one player claiming that there are even more issues for controller players to face.

According to O–un_ on Reddit, the latest update has seen something happen with the aim assist mechanic that now means that they are unable to hit their shots as they could previously, insisting that he believes that it has been heavily nerfed.

While he also points out that he is experiencing the nerf on Playstation 4, other controller players have also stated that they believed there could be something amiss with the mechanic too, however they have also said that they are no longer able to hold and edit while not looking at the building piece and that general responsiveness is much slower than it was previously.

Comparing the current state of aim assist to being like they have switched it off completely, gamers are asking Epic Games to review the situation, hoping that the impact changes that have happened are a mistake and not an unannounced dampening to the effects that they previously had.

It is still to be seen whether this is something that Epic Games will look to speak out regarding, however at the moment it seems that there are players joining the belief that something simply isn’t right.

“Edit aim assist for controller has been heavily nerfed. Thought it was off when in creative.

O–in_ – September 18th
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