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Fortnite Leaks Show Tilted Town Will Become Gotham City As Batman's Joker Theme Is Added

September 18, 2019
Fortnite Batman Joker Loading Screen Gotham City

As Fortnite rolled out their latest v10.31 update yesterday, dataminers have already been looking deep inside the files to see what we have coming our way and it seems that Fortnite is about to get a taste of Batman and Gotham City according to new leaks.

In a somewhat disappointing update to the battle royale title, Epic Games offered very little in the way of information about the possible upcoming introduction of the Marvel hero, instead simply adding zip lines back into the game following their disabling due to an issue.

While the update seemed to be little more than a reactivation of the zip lines and a correction to the final zone placements in both standard and Arena game modes, in which the final zones can now no longer finish within a ‘rift zone’, it seems that Epic took the chance to add their Batman themed files into the game.

Leaks from across the Fortnite leaker community seem to draw a convincing picture that we are about to see Tilted Town become Gotham City, with a host of challenges and cosmetics related to the Marvel hero being shared.

Images and videos have been leaked of a new ‘DC’ range of cosmetics coming to the game, including a ‘Bat Glider’ and Batman themed cape as leaked by HypeX on twitter.

This is not the first time that we have seen this range creation happen within the game either, with Avengers: End Game formally gracing the game with both LTM game mode and cosmetics.

Further information about the addition of the Joker and Batman themed addition to the game have also been leaked, with a range of in-game items such as the Batman Grapnel Gun and Explosive Batarang having their images shared, alongside a new POI map impression that seems to point to Titled Town being set to be replaced.

Even more information has been leaked about the collaboration too, with the challenges also been shared via dataminers, showing that we are about to have to find our inner Batman as we look to stop The Joker from taking over the city, defusing gas canisters hidden within the upcoming Gotham City POI.

Joker Batman Fortnite Challenges

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