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Fortnite Server Issues Delay Trio Cup Tournament Until Tomorrow

August 31, 2019
fortnite trios cup delayed due to server issues

Fortnite Battle Royale suffered another issue with their game today as servers across the globe meant that players were unable to login to servers to access the game before the problem seemed to intensify, causing developers Epic Games to have to postpone their online Trios Cup tournaments.

Players took to social media to highlight the issue after the EU region successfully completed their first phase of the tournament, claiming that they could no longer access the game following restarts and while trying to join parties to practise for their next phase of the competition.

Epic Games announced that they were aware of the issue and were looking into the issues that could be causing the problem, saying that they were going to have to push the next phase of the tournament back for 2 hours, before later updating their feed to say that the competition would now have to continue Sunday 1st September.

Here is the announcement tweet from the official Fortnite Twitter account, detailing the start times for the tournament phases from remaining regions, however make sure to note that they are listing the times in EST time zone.

The latest announcement means that players from the North American region will be looking at a monster gaming session tomorrow should they be able to go through all three phases of the tournament, with many claiming that the updated schedule would mean that they would be facing no less than 11 hours of gaming if they were to compete.

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