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Fortnite v10.31 Update Means End Game Circles No Longer Land in Rift Zoned POIs

September 18, 2019
Greasy Grove Tacos

When Epic Games decided to add new ‘rift zones’ into their game to allow the return of some of the most popular points of interest of their past seasons back into their current game, they knew that they wanted to add some sort of change in there to keep things fresh, but they never saw the devastation that they could have, until now.

After players took to social media to share their misfortune with the world, it seems that the little ‘fresh’ changes that each rift zone offers comes with a range of problems, especially within the later stages of the game.

Most recently we saw the return of Greasy Grove after being freed from the ice that consumed it previously, however that meant that with a need to feed its population, they needed something more than pizzas and burgers this time, instead they served up tacos.

While tacos are known for being delight and happiness to the faces of millions, entering Greasy Grove now means that you are about to celebrate the food in a whole new way, with ‘Taco Time’ now a feature within the game, in which your character will simply take some time away from fighting to raise tacos to the air and dance.

Although a somewhat entertaining addition, it seems that the developers failed to recognise that having ‘Taco Time’ happen during those pressured end game circles was going to cause more harm than good, with players unable to edit or break through walls as the zone continued to take away their health.

Fortnite has since reviewed this issue and have addressed it within the latest patch that was released today (v10.31) and have added a change into their game that will now ensure that end game circles are no longer able to finish within these ‘rift zones’ found across the map.

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