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Dennis 'Cloakzy' Lepore

Professional Fortnite Player & Streamer

Cloakzy Fortnite Settings & Keybinds

Dennis ‘Cloakzy’ Lepore is a professional Fortnite player who made his name on the competitive scene with an impressive victory in Epic Games’ Fall Skirmish tournament in October 2018, winning the duos tournament with partner Tfue.

Also known as Cloak and Faze Cloakzy, Cloakzy started his gaming career playing H1Z1 professionally before jumping to PUBG on release, signing for ‘KnightsGG’ gaming team until Fortnite was released, again jumping across to the now leading battle royale title and setting a World Record for most eliminations in a single game, notching up 34 kills.

The World Record spearheaded his growth and that lead to eSports organisation Faze Clan signing him just one month after, taking on the name ‘Faze Cloakzy’ on March 3rd 2018 before being named as Faze Clan’s Fortnite team captain.

He has since signalled his intention to leave Faze Clan and is currently not carrying the Faze Clan name within his online handle, instead changing to ‘Clkzy’ after a failed attempt to take over the Epic Games account that held the ‘Cloakzy’ name after a request for $20,000 to hand over the username by the holder.

Cloakzy Fortnite Keybinds

WallMouse 4
StairsMouse 5
Harvesting Tool1
Weapon Slot 12
Weapon Slot 23
Weapon Slot 34
Weapon Slot 4X
Weapon Slot 5Z
Sprint by DefaultOn
Push to TalkY

Cloakzy Graphics Settings

Window ModeFullscreen
Resolution1920×1080 16:9
Frame Rate Limit240 FPS
3D Resolution100% 1920×1080
View DistanceNear
Anti AliasingOff
Post ProcessingLow
Motion BlurOff
Show FPSOn
HUD Scale0.90
Color Blind ModeDeuteranope 7

Cloakzy Mouse Settings

Mouse Sensitivity X0.110
Mouse Sensitivity Y0.110
Mouse Targeting Sensitivity:1.000
Mouse Scope Sensitivity:1.000
Mouse DPI:400
Polling Rate500hz

Frequently Asked Questions

Cloakzy’s (Faze Cloakzy) real name is Dennis Lepore.

Dennis ‘Cloakzy’ Lepore is 24 years old and was born December 26th 1994.

Cloakzy is from Austin, Texas in the United States of America and after a move to New Jersey, returned back to Austin at the end of summer 2018.

Cloaksy’s girlfriend is Alexia Raye, a female gamer that is also known within the streaming and Fortnite communities with the first instance of the couple dating being mentioned in one of Alexia’s streams in July 2018.

Cloakzy is still an active member of the Faze Clan roster at the moment, however he informed the eSports organisation of his desire to leave, resulting in Faze Clan issuing a statement to inform other organisations that they are willing to negotiate his release, however Cloaksy said that he did not want to join another organisation and has removed the Faze brand from his online username.

Cloakzy currently plays trios with Tfue and 72hrs.


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