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Scoped Fortnite Settings and Keybinds


Free Agent – Fortnite Pro representing Chronic

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Scoped Fortnite Settings & Keybinds

Scoped is a professional Fortnite player that has risen to popularity after joining popular Fortnite pro Tfue as part of a duo that is taking the competitive scene by storm, most recently winning one of the daily duos cup tournaments released by Epic Games and a Platform Cash Cup Solo tournament in the same day.

Below we have a comprehensive list of all the Scoped Fortnite settings and key binds you need to replicate his settings and get your competitive play on point.

Known for his ability to compete on a higher level on controller, Scoped is seen as one of the best controller players in the games competitive scene putting him up there with other highly regarded controller players such as Unknown Army, Ghost Aydan and NickMercs.

With his reputation and popularity growing, the fact that Scoped is a free agent at the moment although he does represent Chronic at the moment, will be interesting news to many gaming organisations for sure, however expect him to want to only speak to tier 1 teams if he is going to add to any roster in the near future.

Scoped Fortnite Keybinds

Switch ModeO
Trap Picker / Place / InteractR3
JumpD-PAD Left
InventoryD-PAD UP
Change Material / TrapD-PAD Right
Toggle Pickaxe
Open MapTouch Pad
Crouch / RepairR3

Scoped Controller Settings

Look Horizontal Sensitivity 43%
Look Vertical Sensitivity 43%
Controller Building Sensitivity2.3x
Controller Edit Mode Sensitivity2.4x
ADS Look Vertical Sensitivity11%
ADS Look Horizontal Sensitivity11%
Turning Ramp Boost0.00 seconds
Use Legacy Look ControlsOff
Move Stick Deadzone10%
Look Stick Deadzone10%
Edit Hold Time0.100
Aim AssistOn
Look Input CurveLinear
Instant BoostOff
Trigger StopsNo

Scoped Graphics Settings

Window ModeFullscreen
Resolution1920×1080 16:9
Frame Rate Limit240 FPS
3D Resolution100%
View DistanceMedium
Anti Aliasing Off
Post ProcessingLow
Motion BlurOff
Show FPSOn
DirectX VersionDirectX 12
Allow Multithreaded RenderingOn
Colour Blind ModeTritanope 5

Frequently Asked Questions

What controller does Scoped use?

Scoped currently uses a SCUF Gaming Impact controller

Who is Scoped’s Fortnite Duo Partner?

Scoped has joined forced with Fortnite pro Tfue and have been successful in a number of competitive tournaments, signalling that this duo could well be a force in the competitive scene.

Does Scoped stream on Twitch?

Yes, Scoped streams on Twitch and his channel can be located at the link within his bio.

How old is Scoped?

Scoped is 16 years old.

Does Scoped go to school?

Yes, unlike some older Fortnite pros, Scoped does attend school and is currently in 10th grade.

When did Scoped start playing Fortnite?

Scoped started playing Fortnite at the end of Season 1.

How many followers does Scoped have on Twitch?

Scoped has seen his popularity blow up since joining Tfue and that has resulted in him now having more than 129,000 followers.

Does Scoped use paddles?

Scoped does use paddles, he uses 4 paddles on his SCUF Gaming Impact PS4 controller.

Does Scoped play claw?

No, Scoped does not play claw as he uses 4 paddles instead.

Does Scoped use Linear or Exponential?

Scoped is a Linear player and has his input curve set to Linear.


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