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Ghost Aydan Receives 24 hour Ban on Fortnite After ‘Smurfing’ Account Deemed to be 'Exploiting'

October 2, 2019
Ghost Aydan Banned on Fortnite for Smurfing

Professional Fortnite gamer Aydan ‘Aydan’ Conrad has become the best known Fortnite player to have received a ban from the popular battle royale title, seeing his account banned live on stream while he was ‘smurfing’ arena trios for “high kill” games.

Using a secondary account rather than his own primary account, Aydan successfully out skilled his unsuspecting opponents a number of times before Epic Games made the decision to ban the account from their game for 24 hours.

Loading into the game with two subscribers from his channel, the two members of the trio simply jumped off the end of the map, leaving Aydan with a chance to take on the challenge of winning the game alone in much lower league than his ability shows.

With the ban happening live on stream, Aydan was seen to check his main account to ensure that he was not banned from playing the game on both accounts and after ensuring that all was well with his main account, the streamer simply laughed the situation off, calling the banning “comedy”.

The streamer has become the talk of the Fortnite gaming community since the incident happened, with many claiming that pros should not be allowed to run ‘smurf’ accounts in order to access lower skilled player pools and the NA West pro was certainly taking some heat after it was claimed that he was simply laughing at viewers that were asking him to stop ‘smurfing’ while playing the game.

The Ghost Gaming pro seems to be unaffected from the ban, other than being unable to use the secondary account for a 24 hour period, although his reputation has taken a little hit for some after many claim that his attitude on stream has changed of late.

The Fortnite pro announced on Twitter that he would be looking to undertake a sponsored stream playing Apex Legends Season 3, something that was widely seen across the larger streamers yesterday on the Twitch streaming platform.

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