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Ghost Issa to Quit Fortnite or Will He Switch to Keyboard And Mouse?

September 18, 2019
Ghost Issa Quitting Fortnite?

Professional Fortnite player Ghost Issa have revealed today that he is having to make a choice that will seriously impact his playing of the game after he revealed that he was having issues with his hands that were making it almost impossible to play the game on controller anymore, leading to a tweet today that even says he could quit Fortnite completely.

Issa is a name that many on the competitive Fortnite scene will know and respect and with his skills on the ‘sticks’ carrying him to a number of impressive accolades within the game, it seems that it is possible that the ‘controller gang’ could be about to lose another star from their roster.

Having starred at some of the biggest Fortnite tournaments in the world, Ghost Issa has finally had to question whether his ability to play the game is worth the health implications that come with gaming on controller, something that a switch to mouse and keyboard could overcome, however it seems that the cross over is not a simple choice for the player, with him considering just quitting the game completely as an alternative to switching.

Earlier today, Ghost Issa tweeted the following:

The tweet is not the first time that Issa has spoken about issues that have arisen while playing controller while gaming, with him previously mentioning that he had been to seek medical advice and things were pointing towards him requiring surgery on his hand to relieve the pain that he was experiencing.

While this seems to be an on-going decision that the Fortnite pro seems to be battling with, one thing is for sure, if Issa is going to do what is right for his health, something needs to change, whether that be the way that he plays the game or whether he plays the game at all anymore.

We hope that he makes the right choice and at least gives the switch over to mouse and keyboard the chance before calling it time, but for all of you ‘controller gang’ members out there, it looks like you have lost another star from your roster.

“Update on my hand:

so i went to the doctor and he told me i can get surgery done and it would fix my wrist, but it wouldnt fix the pain in my hand/fingers, he said ill have to massage my whole arm every day from now and just play less…. not sure what the plan is :/

Ghost Issa – September 5th 2019
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