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Ninja says Fortnite competitors need more “professionalism”

August 30, 2019
Ninja says fortnite competitors need to show more professionalism

Ninja speaks out about the recent 'teaming' and 'cheating' allergations surrounding Fortnite tournaments online and calls for competitors to show more "professionalism" as he reveals that cheating in tournaments like these is wider spread than many think.

Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins is one of the biggest streamers on the planet and having shot to wide scale fame while playing battle royale game Fortnite, he has taken to his Twitter account to speak out about the recent cheating allegations that surround the game’s competitive scene.

With the game having seen a number of cheating allegations in the past, it seems that players still aren’t done with trying to get the upper hand at all costs, with the latest scandal featuring a professional Fortnite player from Faze Clan.

16 year old Faze Sway was revealed to have been cheating with another player as another player that was taking part in the Epic Games Solo Cash Cup online tournament used social networking site Twitter to reveal that Faze Sway deliberately left a player that was weak to allow them to progress further within the game.

The player that he left was later confirmed to be Faze Sway’s friend Nova Wistles and after the tweet featuring the clip showing what happened from the Faze player’s perspective, Faze Sway issued a statement admitting that he was in a call with friends at the time and did leave the player to advance further.

As the story broke, the Fortnite community took the opportunity to express their opinions on the incident as many called for Epic Games to ban Faze Sway from upcoming competitions and some even calling for a lengthy ban of up to 12 months.

Ninja joined into the discussion about the incident, calling on the competitive Fortnite community to take their gameplay more seriously, saying that players that play tournaments such as the Cash Cup while in calls with friends should be more “professional”.

Blevins tweeted “I know how fun and cool it might seem to be in a discord with your homies in solo cash cups but there has to be more professionalism.”

Not happy with simply tweeting his thoughts, Ninja opted to once again use his Twitter account to share a video of his thoughts about the situation.

Having said his piece about the ongoing ‘cheating’ topic, he later returned to Twitter to celebrate his personal streaming milestone of hitting 2 million followers after his move from Twitch to Mixer earlier this month.

Questions have been asked as to whether the move to Microsoft owned Mixer was a good idea for the popular streamer due to the gulf in active viewer numbers on the platform, however with over 1 million people opting to redeem their free Ninja sub this month, he seems to be holding on just fine in the early stages but the real test is still to come as we see if he can hold onto those subscribers.

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