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Privacy & Cookies Use Policy

Like many websites that you use on the internet, PugSettings.com make use of specific log files that can help us to better understand our users to allow us to continue to develop and maintain our website to offer you the best experience possible while using our website.

This means that just like them, we have log files that track non-personal identifiers for users of our website, including:

·         Internet Protocol Addresses (IP Address)

·         Type of Browser

·         Internet Service Provider (ISP)

·         Date and Timestamp of Access

·         Enter and Exit Pages

·         Number of Clicks

It should be noted that none of the information above is able to personally identify you or any other user of our website and the sole use of this information as a collective helps us to ensure that our website is able to offer all users the experience that they expect from a website like PugSettings.com.

Cookies and Web Beacons Use

Again, like many websites that you will visit on the internet, we make use of a number of ‘convenience’ cookies that are designed to make your experience while using our website better, whether that be helping you retrace your steps through the website or remembering specific information that you have entered.

Use of these cookies are limited to name and email address that you enter at the time of posting anything on our website so that you simply have to add that information once, should you wish not to disclose this information, please refrain from commenting on the articles and posts found on our website and feel free to browse freely to simply watch, read or interact with the content that we provide.

PugSettings.com do make use of third-party advertisers at times within our site and that could result in these advertisers using cookies and/or web beacons to collection information about your browsing habits. PugSettings.com has no control over the information being collected via these third-party advertisers and suggest that you should review their cookie and privacy policies on their own websites to determine whether you would like to allow their collection of data.

If you would prefer to disable cookies, you can do so through your internet browser options and the instructions for doing so along with other cookie management can be found within your internet browser of choice.

Google Analytics

PugSettings.com uses a web analytics tool that is provided by Google in order to help us understand how our users interact, find and use our website during their time on the site. It creates reports of website trends through the use of cookies and web beacons without using identifying data for users.

You can find out more about the information that Google Analytics uses by reviewing the privacy policy on their website.

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