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Tfue Drops 'N Bomb' As Rumours Claim He Could Be Banned PERMANENTLY

September 4, 2019
Tfue Drops N Bomb on Minecraft and could be banned on Twitch

Turner ‘Tfue’ Tunney has been the centre of attention in the gaming market once again today after it was announced that he could be facing yet another ban from streaming network Twitch after he something that he said during a live stream.

While playing Minecraft live on his stream, Tfue can be seen fighting ‘creepers’ in his Minecraft world before audibly dropping the ‘N Bomb’ mid-fight, sparking viewers to hit the clip button and the Fortnite pro being the latest addition to Keemstar’s ‘Drama Alert’.

With the clip in hand, Keemstar raised the question as to what action streaming network site Twitch will take against the popular stream, highlighting that within their terms and conditions, they state that they operate a ‘three strikes and you’re out’ ruling.

The significance of this becomes clear when it is explained that this is not the first time that the streamer and professional gamer has been on the receiving end of punishment from the platform, with two other instances related to racial comments also being the cause for the prior two incidents.

The first saw Tfue finish his stream and host another streamer before his community took it on themselves to abuse the hosted stream, resulting in Tfue being held responsible for their actions.

While that one could have been seen to have been harsh, the second instance saw Tfue refer to a Fortnite skin another player was wearing as a term he claimed spoke about ‘raccoons’ from his home town.

At the moment Tfue’s channel on the network remains intact, with no sign of banning in place as we have seen with other streamers that suffered punishments, however his recent post on social networking site Twitter seems to point to the face that he is having a tough day so far following the clip going viral.

Tfue is no stranger to being in the limelight of the gaming community, with his decision to sue former gaming organisation Faze Clan to get out of a contract agreement becoming hot news in the community, but how he will fair with this one is still to be seen.

Will Twitch take action against the clipped evidence or will they try to ignore what happened with fear that they could be forced into permanently banning on of the biggest streamers on their platform.

Here is the clip that seems to have Tfue on the edge of being banned, do you hear the ‘N Bomb’ and should this be what terminates his Twitch?

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