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unknownarmy banned on fortnite

UnknownArmy Banned on Fortnite in Hoax For Twitter Impressions

Fortnite pro UnknownArmy has taken to social networking site Twitter to share an image that showed that his Fortnite account had been banned from competitive Fortnite game modes for 2 months, just days after four other Fortnite pros were banned for the same reason.

Taking to Twitter, UnknownArmy shared a screenshot that showed a banning message that was similar to that which two professional duos were issued after it was revealed that they had intentionally traded storm surge damage.

While many are rushing to find out what has happened, UnknownArmy tweeted out the following tweet

For UnknownArmy fans across the world, we can assure you that this is little more than Twitter impression farming, designed to increase his outreach on social media and with him being such a high-profile player, it is certainly working for him!

The image has lead to small Fortnite YouTube channels rushing to cover the fake news, citing that the breaking news story has controller players in a panic and that they will have more on the story shortly, which we already know there is little more to come.

With claims that there are clips on streaming platform Twitch of the young professional being upset on stream, if you take the time to watch the video, you will see that at the end he jokes that the joke hadn’t worked.

If you are an UnknownArmy fan, then you may be interested to know that we have the most up to date UnknownArmy Fortnite Settings and information about his setup online.

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